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Welcome to the Peter Eric Lang Wiki

The Peter Eric Lang Wikia is the home for all information and documentation of the work by Peter Eric Lang.

About the Peter Eric Lang Wiki

The Peter Eric Lang Wiki's goal is to provide detailed information and references to all of Peter's content, including projects and series such as Peter Doodles, Peter Scribbles and the Peter Podcast, as well as content such as video that he uploads to the Peter Eric Lang YouTube Channel with series such as Peter Plays Games or Peter Eric Lang Vlogs and much more.

This Wikia will also document places of importance that Peter focuses on, visits or discusses such as Wirral and Liverpool.

How can you help support the Peter Eric Lang Wiki

You can help the Peter Eric Lang Wiki in a number of ways. One of the Wiki's goals is to provide factual and accurate information about Peter's work. Therefore any content referenced such as an overview of an episode in a series must reference the original file, which can be found on Peter's website, Peter Eric Lang, these citations and references can be trusted as Peter will have posted the original content himself on his blog or on another part of his website. Other sources that can be trusted and used can include Peter's social media profiles and posts, reliable news articles about Peter and YouTube videos from his official channels.

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